There are 2 types of pages on your site. Static and Dynamic pages.

Static Pages

A static page is the ones we build like your Home, about and contact pages. You can edit any content on static pages by changing images, headings, paragraphs and links. All you need to do is log into your editor and click on the object you want to change and you will be able to edit it.

You can use the Pages tab in your editor to navigate to all of your site pages, even if they're not in the site navigation.

If you hover your mouse over a page name in the list of pages, you will see a Settings button show up to the right. In the settings for that page you can update SEO setting, the page name and more.

If you want new elements or objects on a static page, please reach out to us and we can make that happen.

Collections (Dynamic) pages

A Collections page is based on the information you enter into the next tab in your editor, Collections. These pages are built off a template to meet your needs and the data is filled out from a connected Collection.

For example, if you have a Collection with all your employees or team members in it, the collection holds the data with their name, position, links, images and more. When you click on a Collections page under the page tab, it will fill out the page template with that team member's data.

If you want to edit the data on that team members page, you can just like the Static pages.

If you want new elements or objects on a Collections page, please reach out to us and we can make that happen. If you want to edit the information on a collections page, either edit it right on the page or go to the next tab over called Collections.

Collection page Settings are just like the Static page settings however you can use dynamic fields to customise the SEO for each collection page.

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