Logging into your editor

Your Editor is the interface used to make changes to your site, add blog posts, add collection items and manage your eCommerse sales.

You can log into your editor on any computer and on most browsers that have an internet connection.

Main Login Method

The main way to log into your site is by adding "/login" to the end of your website address. For example, www.redpandadesigns.com.au/login.

This way of logging in is used in the below scenarios:

First time logging in on that computer or browser.

Logging in after you have cleared your computer cache.

Don't see either of the 2 below options in the bottom right of your site.

Quick Login

If you log in to the editor on the same computer and browser, you'll notice a small tag with a pencil in the bottom right of your website.

Simply hover over to raise the tag a little and click on it, the login panel will open up.

Previousley logged in.

Previousley logged in when hovered over.

Already Logged In

If you've been working on your site and have not logged out but the editor has turned off, you'll see an "Edit site" button in the bottom right. You'll be able to reactivate the editor without needing to log back in.

Already logged in, click to activate the editor.

If you're having trouble with your password, please see our article about password resets here.

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