Adding Alt text to your images (SEO)

Adding Alt Text to images in your collection items, like blog posts, is vital to accessibility and SEO.


Screen readers depend on the Alt or Alternative Text for an image to describe what content is in the image for people with low vision. You may have experienced this if you've used the Siri Dictate feature on an iOS device.


Google also uses the Alt Text to understand more about what is in an image and if it should treat the image as decorative or imformative.

How do add Alt text:

1) Log into your editor by adding /login at the end of your URL.

2) Either navigate to the blog page from your sites navigation or use the Editor Navigation at the bottom of the browser window > Collections > Blog (for example) > Blog Post.

3) Click on the image to bring up the image settings and click on the shifter/spanner tool icon.

4) Beside Alt Text, click the dropdown and select "Custom"

5) Add your description. 1 sentence max.

6) Continue to write your blog and publish when you're ready.

Please reach out if you have any questions or would like a walkthrough.

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